Pencak Silat New Rules (ver. 2021)

Date: 2021-03-24

The International Pencak Silat Rules & Regulations was formed by the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT) together with the contributions and inputs from the Four Founding Members in ensuring the officiating of the games is being conducted and judged fairly and equally.

Throughout the years since the establishment of the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT) on 11 March 1980, the game play has been evolving with improvements to follow the passage of time.

Some of the significant amendments were made to the International Rules and Regulations when there are needs to be included in the multi-event games, such as Asian Beach Games, which was primarily held in Bali – Indonesia, in 2008.

The Pencak Silat International Rules and Regulations is to be applied in most of the Pencak Silat events, where in this booklet is the upgraded and improved manual since the last update in August 2013. The International Pencak Silat Federation is in planning to enhance and diversify a Pencak Silat games thru new introduce competitions, such as; *World Cup, World League, Open World Freestyle Artistic Pencak Silat Championship, and the updated version for Pencak Silat to be played on the beach.

With the vast development of digital technology, Pencak Silat will have to move in accordance with the flow modernization, and have it implemented in the current norm and practices in a Pencak Silat competition.

Refer to the link below for the Manual, Slides Presentation and a series of Videos of the New Rules!

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24-hrs Pencak Silat Display (Post Credit)

Date: 2020-12-22

Singapore Silat Federation has completed its 24-hours (1440-minutes) Pencak Silat Display, another Fundraising Initiative to aid in the development of the youth training program which includes the local and overseas training, also to help our national athletes with financial or food bank assistance under our program, namely called “Silat with a Heart”.

On behalf of the management of Singapore Silat Federation, we would like to extend our utmost gratitude towards our sponsors, the Silat clubs who are our affiliates, donors, contributors, and most importantly our own national athletes.

Firstly, Singapore Silat Federation would like to convey our thank you to the Sport Singapore for allowing us in organizing the event, especially to the ActiveSG Bedok Team, for advising us on the Safety Management Measures in order for the event to proceed smoothly.

Next highlight will be to our partner – 1Play Sports Pte Ltd – with their Broadcasting Services. Without their strong backing, the audience out there will not be able to watch the Pencak Silat Display live over the digital platforms.

On top of that, Mr. Anthony Raj, COO of 1Play Sports Pte Ltd, personally donated 100 cartons of mineral water, to hydrate the performer, working committee and crew.

Special dedication to our Silat club members who joined us for the display in showcasing your authentic and rhythmic Silat moves, we have the following local Silat club worth mentioning:

1. Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate Cabang Khusus Singapura
2. Perguruan Silat Seni Grasio (Woodgrove & Marsiling)
3. Perguruan Silat Seni Grasio (Nanyang)
4. Perguruan Silat Seni Grasio (Kampung Ubi)
5. Perguruan Silat Seni Grasio (Kebun Baru)
6. Perguruan Silat Seni Grasio (Bishan)
7. Perguruan Silat Seni Grasio (Sembawang & Northland Primary School)
8. Perguruan Sendeng Pukulan
9. Perguruan Silat Setia Hati ESHA Singapura
10. Perguruan Pencak Sendeng
11. Himpunan Silat Singapura
12. Perguruan Harimau Minangkabau Singapura
13. Perguruan Silat Seligi Tunggal Angkatan Singapura
14. Perguruan Silat Benderang Persada
15. Perguruan Sendeng Belalang Singapura
16. Perguruan Seni Silat Gayong PERWANIT
17. Singapore Silat Federation National Athletes

Companies that came in to support the event with their products, made things easier for Singapore Silat Federation. And we are extremely delighted for their willingness to share their products with our members. We have:

Just Lazzat for sponsoring us with their free-flow Pisang Goreng Snacks. Just Lazzat is known for their Pisang Goreng Nugget, and their fiery Sambal Kicap. Their physical store is located inside My Kampung, at Heartbeat@Bedok. If you are looking to have Pisang Goreng on the menu for your corporate event, they do cater to one too!

Despite being new in the business, a local energy drink brand came in strongly by sponsoring forty (40) cartons of REVEL Energy Drink. With mix-fruit flavour, the drink boosts the performers’ energy after tiring performances back-to-back. You can find their brand at most of the supermarket in Singapore.

Another company that sponsors the event by printing for Singapore Silat Federation and the national athletes with event’s t-shirt is ActiveCool Fashion Pte Ltd. Planning to customize your t-shirt printing for any events, you can get comfortable and trendy t-shirt from them!

Singapore Silat Federation is also grateful to Mr. Ong Eng Huat, Founder and President for the Singapore Book of Records to personally present us with the certificate in setting a new Singapore record for the “Longest Pencak Silat Display Relay” lasting for 24-hours.

And to the individual donors who are not mentioned above and have donated for the program, thank you for being part of the fundraising initiative.

To the following contributors (valued more than SGD500):

1. 1Play Sports Pte Ltd
2. Jasmine Teh Pei Lin
3. REVEL Energy Drink
4. ActiveCool Fashion Pte Ltd
5. Just Lazzat
6. Anthony Raj
7. Is Capital Holding

Once again, we thank you for your contribution, it will go a long way for the federation, and its national athletes.

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24-hrs Pencak Silat Display

Date: 2020-12-16

*Donation is open from 17 December 2020 to 16 February 2021*

This is another one fundraising initiative introduced by the Singapore Silat Federation to aid in improving the youth development programs catered for our Pencak Silat National Athletes. The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected most of industries in Singapore, and there is no exception for Singapore Silat Federation. The funding allocated for the program is also affected, where we will have to result in reducing the number of programs and activities, we have planned for them. And another main objective is to help athletes with financial or food bank assistance with our Silat with a Heart programme.

The 24-hours non-stop Pencak Silat Display is the inaugural and interesting fundraising initiative where the Silat club (our affiliates) will showcase their Silat moves artistically in showing appreciation to those contributors who have donated the amount and fund for the Singapore Silat Federation. We are targeting to raise a total amount of $500,000 for this project.

Apart from that, Singapore Silat Federation is also aiming to hold a national record for organizing and having Pencak Silat demonstration for 24-hours and to be included in the “Singapore Book of Records”.

On behalf of the Board Members, I am calling out to you to show your understanding and support the future of our national athletes who will one day bring glory to the nation, by contributing Cash Donation to Singapore Silat Federation. Your name or your company’s name will be published and broadcasted live as “Donor” at our official website, and all our social media platforms for a period of 1-month, for donation S$500 and above.

As Singapore Silat Federation is a registered with the Institution of a Public Character (IPC000526), and received its Charity status under the Charities Act since April 2011, we will be able to issue an entitlement of a tax deductible receipt of 2.5 times for all outright cash donation.

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SSF Newsletter

Date: 2020-10-21

SSF Monthly E-Newsletter

Where you will be able to get the exclusive latest news and updates on what's happening in the Pencak Silat fraternity in Singapore and internationally!

To view more, click on the link below!

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Be part of SG Silat Volunteer!

Date: 2020-09-03

We’re a non-profit organisation, and we rely on the help of people like you!

Sign up to volunteer with Singapore Silat Federation.

We’re recruiting volunteers!

Join us now and get to know about our Pencak Silat competition or more other exciting events!
Get involved to be part of people work behind the arena!

You love to watch the Silat fight?
Be our announcer of the arena or timekeeper / gong striker during the events!

You love to meet our Silat athlete?
Be the person stand behind the arena such weight in area & vest collection! Get a chance to meet your dream singapore athlete personally!

You love to witness our exciting performance during the opening and closing ceremony?
We hear you’re pretty amazing. Why not volunteer? Register here!

“One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time”

Volunteer Entitlement
- Limited Edition Volunteer T-Shirt
- Meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
- Volunteer Pass
- Certificate of Appreciation

Click at the link below for online application form! We will contact you as soon as possible and set the time for recruiting!

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