Singapore Silat Demographic

Date: 2021-10-20

Singapore Silat Federation has conducted a data collection on Silat demographics in Singapore.

The graphs and chart shown here based on the 10,000 inputs that Singapore Silat Federation managed to collate through surveys and data collection.

We have also shown graphs based on Silat participations between male and female. And also categorized them according to their age groups.

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SG Silat Safe Management Officer

Date: 2021-10-14

When Singapore was hit with COVID-19 early last year, a lot of protocols, guidelines and safety measures were implemented as one of the efforts to ensure its citizen able to resume to its normal daily life.

Singapore Silat Federation have put in place our own Safe Management Measures in line with MOM and SportSG guidelines at the workplace in order for us to resume our business activities. One of the requirements for us to resume our business is to appoint a Safe Management Officer (SMO) to assist in the implementation and coordination of the system of Safe Management Measures at the workplace.

The duties of the SMO will include the following:
a. To coordinate implementation of Safe Management Measures, which includes identifying relevant risks, recommending and assisting in implementing measures to mitigate the risks, and communicating the measures to all personnel working in the workplace.
b. To conduct inspections and checks to ensure compliance at all times and to report and document any non-compliance found during the inspections.
c. To take immediate action to remedy any non-compliance found during the inspections.
d. To keep records of inspections and checks conducted and corrective actions taken. The records shall be made available upon request by a Government inspector.

Singapore Silat Federation has appointed our own Mr. Noh Mohd Sharif (Project Manager & National Coach) as the Safe Management Officer as the one to coordinate on any COVID-19 safe management protocols and guidelines.

Should you need further clarification on our safe management measure, you can contact Mr. Noh at noh@persisi.org

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Newspaper Archives

Date: 2021-10-01

In case you missed out in reading about us when we were featured in the newspaper articles.

Or simply, wants to read about us again? Simply click on the title to read more.

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Multi - Event Games Selection Criteria

Date: 2021-09-29

The purpose of selection criteria is to assist in making objective decisions about the most suitable candidates for a position. Well thought out and constructed selection criteria can make selection decisions transparent and justifiable.

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National Athlete Matters

Date: 2021-09-22

A corner where important information or details will be posted specifically for those in the National Team.

Other than the official platform, all the information will be communicated directly to the national athlete and/or their wards/guardians.

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National Registration

Date: 2021-09-21

Are you the next Silat Champion? You think you have what it takes?

If you are interested, join us as the National Athlete by filling up the online registration form, and our High Performance Manager will contact you shortly.

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SG Silat Organization Calendar

Date: 2021-07-01

Have you ever wondered what do the management and staff in Singapore Silat Federation do every day?
From June 2021 onwards, now you can!

If you want to know more, click on the calendar monthly to check what we are up to!

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Safe Sport Unified Code

Date: 2021-04-19

Safe Sport has emerged as an area of great concern globally as sporting organizations step up the fight against abuse, harassment and neglect.

Recently, the launch of a Safe Sport Programme, was announced in at the Parliamentary Committee of Supply Debate (Yahoo News, CNA, Today) to assist organizations through 3 key actions - Prevent, Address, Assure.

Learn more through the Quick Guide attached.

The community-consulted Safe Sport Unified Code will harmonize:
• the definitions for inappropriate behaviors in the sporting environment
• case management process and procedures

All participants in sport, including athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers, have a right to engage in Safe Sport. In 2018, Sport Singapore (SportSG) embarked on a multi-agency collaborative effort by launching the Safe Sport Commission and made a rallying call for the sporting fraternity to collectively safeguard sport.

In consultation with the International Olympic Committee and local authorities, SportSG and the Safe Sport Commission has developed policies and guidelines aimed towards eradicating harassment and abuse in sport. This includes establishing a reporting process for Safe Sport - related matters and providing awareness programme to ensure the public is kept informed and updated of the available support.

The Safeguarding Officer is responsible for ensuring the necessary safeguarding policies are enforced and maintained. For Singapore Silat Federation, we have appointed the following officer;
1. Mr. Noh Mohd Sharif
2. Madam Nurul Khairunnisa Azlani @ Fiona Azlani
And they are the first point-of-contact for anyone in need. For the process to report on any Safe Sport Pencak Silat related matters, you can submit the report officially via this email - safeguarding@persisi.org

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Pencak Silat New Rules (ver. 2021)

Date: 2021-03-24

The International Pencak Silat Rules & Regulations was formed by the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT) together with the contributions and inputs from the Four Founding Members in ensuring the officiating of the games is being conducted and judged fairly and equally.

Throughout the years since the establishment of the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT) on 11 March 1980, the game play has been evolving with improvements to follow the passage of time.

Some of the significant amendments were made to the International Rules and Regulations when there are needs to be included in the multi-event games, such as Asian Beach Games, which was primarily held in Bali – Indonesia, in 2008.

The Pencak Silat International Rules and Regulations is to be applied in most of the Pencak Silat events, where in this booklet is the upgraded and improved manual since the last update in August 2013. The International Pencak Silat Federation is in planning to enhance and diversify a Pencak Silat games thru new introduce competitions, such as; *World Cup, World League, Open World Freestyle Artistic Pencak Silat Championship, and the updated version for Pencak Silat to be played on the beach.

With the vast development of digital technology, Pencak Silat will have to move in accordance with the flow modernization, and have it implemented in the current norm and practices in a Pencak Silat competition.

Refer to the link below for the Manual, Slides Presentation and a series of Videos of the New Rules!

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SSF Newsletter

Date: 2020-10-21

SSF Monthly E-Newsletter

Where you will be able to get the exclusive latest news and updates on what's happening in the Pencak Silat fraternity in Singapore and internationally!

To view more, click on the link below!

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Be part of SG Silat Volunteer!

Date: 2020-09-03

We’re a non-profit organisation, and we rely on the help of people like you!

Sign up to volunteer with Singapore Silat Federation.

We’re recruiting volunteers!

Join us now and get to know about our Pencak Silat competition or more other exciting events!
Get involved to be part of people work behind the arena!

You love to watch the Silat fight?
Be our announcer of the arena or timekeeper / gong striker during the events!

You love to meet our Silat athlete?
Be the person stand behind the arena such weight in area & vest collection! Get a chance to meet your dream singapore athlete personally!

You love to witness our exciting performance during the opening and closing ceremony?
We hear you’re pretty amazing. Why not volunteer? Register here!

“One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time”

Volunteer Entitlement
- Limited Edition Volunteer T-Shirt
- Meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
- Volunteer Pass
- Certificate of Appreciation

Click at the link below for online application form! We will contact you as soon as possible and set the time for recruiting!

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