National Registration 2024

Date: 2024-02-15

Join the National Silat Team and Unleash Your Inner Champion!

Are you ready to elevate your martial arts journey to unparalleled heights? Step into the world of Silat and unlock the gateway to excellence with the National Silat Team!

🌟 Why Join Us? 🌟

Elite Training: Experience top-tier coaching from seasoned Silat masters who will refine your techniques, enhance your skills, and sculpt you into a formidable competitor on the international stage.

Competitive Edge: As a member of the National Silat Team, you'll have the opportunity to represent your country on prestigious platforms, showcase your talent, and compete against the world's best athletes.

Camaraderie and Support: Join a tight-knit community of passionate Silat practitioners who share your dedication and determination. Together, we foster an environment of encouragement, support, and growth.

Global Exposure: Travel the world, participate in renowned tournaments, and immerse yourself in diverse cultures while proudly waving your nation's flag.

Personal Development: Beyond the arena, Silat instills discipline, resilience, and self-confidence. Through rigorous training and competition, you'll unearth your true potential and emerge as a stronger, more empowered individual.

🚀 Your Journey Starts Here! 🚀

Whether you're a seasoned Silat practitioner or a newcomer eager to embrace the art, the National Silat Team welcomes you with open arms. Join us as we embark on a thrilling odyssey towards greatness!

Don't miss your chance to be part of something extraordinary. Seize the opportunity, ignite your passion, and join the ranks of the National Silat Team today!

Contact us now to begin your transformative journey in the world of Silat. Your destiny awaits! 🌟

Hit the link button to register your interest, and if you need more information, feel free to write in to us at


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