24-hrs Pencak Silat Display

Date: 2020-12-16

*Donation is open from 17 December 2020 to 30 April 2021*

This is another one fundraising initiative introduced by the Singapore Silat Federation to aid in improving the youth development programs catered for our Pencak Silat National Athletes. The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected most of industries in Singapore, and there is no exception for Singapore Silat Federation. The funding allocated for the program is also affected, where we will have to result in reducing the number of programs and activities, we have planned for them. And another main objective is to help athletes with financial or food bank assistance with our Silat with a Heart programme.

The 24-hours non-stop Pencak Silat Display is the inaugural and interesting fundraising initiative where the Silat club (our affiliates) will showcase their Silat moves artistically in showing appreciation to those contributors who have donated the amount and fund for the Singapore Silat Federation. We are targeting to raise a total amount of $500,000 for this project.

Apart from that, Singapore Silat Federation is also aiming to hold a national record for organizing and having Pencak Silat demonstration for 24-hours and to be included in the “Singapore Book of Records”.

On behalf of the Board Members, I am calling out to you to show your understanding and support the future of our national athletes who will one day bring glory to the nation, by contributing Cash Donation to Singapore Silat Federation. Your name or your company’s name will be published and broadcasted live as “Donor” at our official website, and all our social media platforms for a period of 1-month, for donation S$500 and above.

As Singapore Silat Federation is a registered with the Institution of a Public Character (IPC000526), and received its Charity status under the Charities Act since April 2011, we will be able to issue an entitlement of a tax deductible receipt of 2.5 times for all outright cash donation.

Although SSF fund raised is from Dec 2020 to 30 April 2021, SSF is only reporting the amount raised within the project period of 18 – 19 Dec 2020.

24-hrs Pencak Silat Display (Fundraising Initiative).pdf
24hrs - Pencak Silat Display (Fundraising Initiative).pdf