International Wasit - Jury Upgrading Course

Date: 2019-10-22

On 19th of October, the Singapore Silat Federation welcomed delegates from different countries such as Vietnam, Brunei, China, Korea, Netherlands, Suriname and India for the International Wasit-Jury Upgrading Course. Our staff from Singapore Silat Federation and most of our local Wasit-Jury also participated in the upgrading course.

The international Wasit-Jury Upgrading Course held in Singapore held various courses which will be listed below.

International Class 3 Referee-jury Course
This course was catered to national wasit-juries from all the participating countries. The course served as a refresher for them and a space for them to raise their confusion about the rules before they participate in any overseas competitions. Other than the theoratical aspect of the course, the participants also had a practical session where they learnt the hand signals that are crucial during matches and also the Tunggal (single) and Regu (team) syllabus. They then become officials during the 8th Singapore Open as a form of test for the understanding during the course.

International Class 2 & Class 1 Referee-jury Course
This course was catered to upgrade those who are already certified as International Class 3 Wasit-Juries. During the course, they had videos from previous competitions that were used as case-studies to judge the referee's actions and decisions. This then helped them to be better juries, council and competition chairman; especially for the Class 1 Wasit-Jury.

During the course, they had a lot of interaction with the lecturers and they also had a chance to voice out their opinions and thoughts.

International Technical Delegate Course
Other than the referee-juries, technical delegates are also important people that are requried to be around during competitions. They are the ones who will step-in in case of any technical difficulties. During the course, they learnt how to manage the wasit-juries and situations that may come as challenging during competition days.

Lecturers' Course
This course is catered to those who are interested to become lecturers. They were taught the best ways to deliver their teachings, if one day there comes a chance for them to teach the game rules to new wasit-juries in the future. The course was conducted by Mr Heikal Yusope.

On the night of the 22nd of October, a welcoming dinner was held to welcome all the wasit-juries and guests to the course. There was also a combined performance done by Gencak Singapura, Artistari Gentari and our Senior Artistic Team.

We had the honour of having Mr. Nazarisham, Advisor-in-shief of Singapore Silat Federation, Bapak Benny, executive Chairman of PERSILAT and Datuk Megat from Secretary-General of PERSAKA join us for the welcoming dinner as well.